February 04, 2008

Understanding Branded + Content

The race that is going to ignite the brave new world of online entertainment will be those practitioners who understand advertising as well as they understand content.

A totem which in fact became the very subject of day two at the NATPE Conference 2008 last weekend in Nevada which focussed on engaging the consumer in the digital age and looked at the various models that allowed advertisers and networks to do just that.

One way of communicating in the digital age through branded content in its different forms, absolute sponsorships, product placements and so on. Judging from these pearls of wisdom, the various global heads agreed, that unless done sensibly, the consumer today was smart enough to switch off from the content altogether:

Gayle Troberman, Global GM, Branded Entertainment, MSN

It has to be simple for it to work, and at least on the digital medium you can see the impact of the various moves instantly.”

"It is only the simple solutions that have stayed and delivered the impact. The challenge now is to take these and consider them in media plans in all seriousness.”

Matt Seiler, President and CEO, PHD North America

For any kind of communication, even branded entertainment, you should be able to chalk out the communication objective, and once you have done that, then that should guide you on the road that you want to take to achieve it.”

Laura Caraccioli-Davis, EVP, Entertainment Director, Starcom USA

The audience knows when you are just putting things in their face. You have to create a consumer experience, and brand integration with content has to be grounded in insights. There is no other way to doing it.”

This is hip pretty baby.

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