January 28, 2008

Online Video Engages Audiences

With HD and digital TV now in full swing, you might begin to think the old "box" has a new lease on life. Well, not according to a cross-media study by Simmons, a unit of Experian Research Services, found that viewers are 25% more engaged in the content of TV shows that they watch online than on a TV.

The study defines "engagement" according to six characteristics that respondents identify with media: "inspirational," "trustworthy," "life-enhancing," "social interaction," "personal time-out" and ad receptivity.

Survey participants were asked, for instance, to rate TV shows, magazines and Web sites based on how "inspiring" they were or how much they provided fodder for conversation. Ad "receptivity" was gauged on how willing people were to view or read advertising in a given medium because of its relevance.

TV aside, the study found that people are 18% more engaged in ads online, as opposed to print versions, of magazines--and that they are also 15% more engaged in magazine articles online than in print.

The growing interest in original programming on the Internet is encouraging brands to produce their own web series and other short-form projects that they can own outright and exploit in various ways. Online ad spending is expected to grow by 16.5% this year.

Brands are also producing more live events and flocking to video games in order to court consumers with entertainment.

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Randall said...

This is so true and it gets proven over and over. Lean forward entertainment where you pick the place and time is so much more engaging than passive entertainment (TV). I just left MTV Networks after 12 years of helping companies with multimedia national promotions. TV was always the lead medium in my proposals but that started to change a few years back. By the end, creating an online hub with all other media revolving around it was the preferred method on all fronts.

Branded entertainment is the future. No question.