October 09, 2007

Branded Entertainment at Mipcom

Bonsoiree, Sofia here in sunny Cannes and we've just been listening to CBS President and CEO Les Moonves deliver his keynote inside the plush new Grand Auditorium at Mipcom.

All eyes on India, but it's day two, in the auditorium that has marketers and producers abuzz with excitement with the latest in Branded Content case studies to be delivered by Justin Wilkes of @radical.media (inc BBH NY, Unilever/AXE The Gamekillers). In fact, a demain the entire lineup looks set to be a Branded Entertainment board 'affaire, with Valerie Accary delivering for BBDO Paris this day.

Ad types climbing the Croix des Gardes with their Blackberries! (pas pun). They must be very keen for content, this I am sure! (James, I am not seated next to Ben Silverman at Le Bilboquet, as I know you will be reading this on the plane!)

Variety's Marlene Edmunds reported Friday last, "most can't create content departments for branded entertainment within their own agencies fast enough. Advertisers and brands themselves want to be seen as partners or even buyers of content, opening up another revenue model for the industry".

BBH's Mark Boyd is quoted as saying, "the larger question is not how programming will be affected by product placement but how our favorite programs will be funded if these funding avenues aren't available."

C'est tout!


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