October 09, 2007

Online Product Placement for Sofia's Diary Webisode

Product placement in online video Webisodes are all the buzz right now, with six-figure deals being reported for Orange, MSN, Procter & Gamble, Disney and now Atlantic Records to appear in KateModern, the Bebo driven web series sweeping the EU social network, with local-language versions of the site expected in Poland and the strong possibility that France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland will follow suit by year's end.

Bebo's second web installment Sofia's Diary based on a Portuguese soap looks set to ordain Bebo as the hottest social networking site in the U.K. and Ireland. Bebo and Sony Pictures Television have joined forces to launch the interactive teen Web drama. The interactive 1-3 minute webisodes are impressing advertisers with their ability to reach elusive teens and twentysomethings. Bebo's new partnership with Yahoo! is expected to deepen that focus in offering greater sponsorship and brand integration within Sofia's Diary.

Irish company Campbell Ryan Film Productions Ltd has been selected by Sony Pictures Television and Bebo to produce the first season.

Like KateModern, the series will show in real time the day to day life of UK teenager Sofia and will include daily videos and text updates posted on her Bebo profile. Written by BAFTA-winning Irish writer Danny Stack, Melanie Martinez and Marta Gomes, the show will combine real events with fictional stories, and keep viewers attention with real-time interaction with characters, in order to help direct the storyline.


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