September 25, 2007

Online Video Ads Signal Digital Style

According to a new online video survey conducted by independent research company TNS, the medium itself can be as valuable as the message it conveys. Results of the AOL/Google Online Video Survey conducted from July 9 to July 15, 2007 were based on online survey responses from 2,394 online video viewers between 18 and 54 years old. Forty-one percent of respondents said that after they see a brand featured in an online video ad, they were more likely to think of that brand as having a strong digital presence on the Internet. Proving, that the deployment of online video advertising can play a unique and critical role in representing a brand as being digitally-focused and digitally-accessible with audiences online. In fact, the survey found that one in three respondents said that they thought brands featured in online videos were perceived as "innovative" (32%), "creative" (32%), and "fun" (30%). Which just goes to show, leveraging the online video medium, also lifts overall brand perception.

But take note, the survey pointed out YouTubers still command the lion's share for audiences, with most users having requested a video-sharing website in the past month (77%), followed by news sites (55%) and broadcast TV sites (49%) as their favourite online-video destinations. Lest we forget that PwC research only recently found that 50 percent of consumers surveyed said that they would skip online video with pre-roll ads, hence Google InVideo.

Google's InVideo ads on YouTube, are we feel, just a prologue to something more akin to actual in-content advertising using video hyperlink technology, such as VideoClix. So it was no surprise to learn that 43% of those surveyed by TNS said that it was important to be able to click through to a brand's website.

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