December 16, 2017

Exponential growth of Connected TV in Australia

Connected TV streams have experienced explosive growth in 2017 increasing by 351 percent (March 2017 – October 2017) across all the four major free to air broadcasters in Australia.
Beginning in March 2017, smart TVs made up 42 percent of CTV supply, OTT devices 48 per cent and gaming consoles 10 percent. By October, this had shifted, with smart TVs comprising 26 percent, OTT devices 68 percent, and gaming consoles at 6 percent.
The steady incline in the number of Australians watching TV via CTV is calulated to offer 2.9 billion ad opportunities across Australia’s four main free to air broadcasters’ in 2017, with further increase in 2018.
CTV capitalises on the engagement of the full TV screen experience with the advantage of consumer control over the journey. Consequently, a captive audience consuming content that they want, when they want it on a large screen, offers significant opportunity for advertising engagement. Connected TV also has the ability to provide data on behaviour as well as a range of targeting opportunities. This provides a big screen experience with the added benefits that are linked to a digital experience.
CTV content includes a diverse range of stakeholders, traditional broadcasters, OTT providers, digital video content (e.g. YouTube) which means that a CTV measurement solution needs to be a collaborative process across a wide spectrum of the broadcast and digital media industry.

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