June 20, 2012

Connected TV Meeting at BBC Worldwide Australia

APAC Board at BBC Worldwide Australia

The Connected TV Marketing Association's country boards are now coming together to officiate local agenda's in their regions. Last week, our APAC board met at BBC Worldwide Australia in Sydney.

Pictured above from L-R Mark Blair (Brightcove), Andy Edwards (Telstra), Stephen Langdon (NBN Co.), Will MacKinnon (SBS), Sandra Davey (Netgem), Luke Steele (Samsung) and David Gwynne (Samsung).

Both the U.S, Canada and Central Eastern European boards are scheduled to meet. Major topics under discussion include; regulatory issues, corporate governance, standards issues, conventions in TV app development and other general commercial areas of interest to professionals and investors in VoD, OTT, Social TV and Branded Entertainment.

The Association will be making a major European announcement this month concerning its Belgium board and the European Commission, to coincide with the launch of our new APAC website.

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