November 07, 2007

Online Video Metrics Matters

In their October report, Web Video Marketing - Best Practices, TubeMogul mentioned that the strength of online video as a marketing medium stems from its engagement potential, SEO value, and measurement opportunities. According to TubeMogul at least fifty percent of the time, creating a great viral video is all about content and production. The goal, “is to create something remarkable, literally, something that causes people to remark - and in doing so effectively conveys your message".

We've been using TubeMogul for months and appreciate having the analytics to pitch our services to potential sponsors, but the really great part is all the time that it saves us not having to visit every video-sharing Website.

Online video is one of the best venues to engage an audience - don't even think about excluding it! This new medium allows the video creator to communicate a message on multiple levels - via visual imagery, the spoken word, music and visual text. It may sound like a commercial for a Montessori school - but this is the way people learn, and consequently, the way legendary brands are created. As a case in point, think of traditional internet marketing; when was the last time that a paid search listing or banner ad raised your blood pressure or induced you to forward something to a friend? Get the point?

The trick, as with any marketing effort, is to both be remarkable AND communicate your message. Use the right package to make your video a hit, but don't create a vehicle without passengers. Make sure the content is doing what it supposed to do.

Bottom line: choose production components that fit with your message, content, and intended audience.

Let's hope the current writers strike in the U.S, which seeks a greater share of revenue from Webisodes, Mobisodes and the like, doesn't fuel the cost of content and in the process slow the move to distribution methods like TubeMogul.

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