October 15, 2014

Connected TV market set to near 1BN mark by 2020

At IBC 2014, the new data forecast released by DTVResearch last month shows connected TV taking off in almost every major market device category.

Examining methods of connection, the report suggests that the number of connected games consoles will rise to 202 million by 2020, double the 2013 total. The US will provide 50 million of the 2020 total, followed by China (22 million) and Japan (18 million). From the 111 million added between 2013 and 2020, the US will provide 18.5 million and China 17 million.

Yet the report adds that the number of installed smart TV sets overtook games consoles connected to the Web in 2013. Smart TV sets will account for just over a third (36%) of the 2020 total connected sets, with 346 million. Of these 56 million will be located in the US and 74 million in China. From the 248 million to be added between 2013 and 2020, China will contribute 65 million, with the US supplying an extra 27 million and India 29 million.

This means that the proportion of TV sets connected to the Internet would have rocketed to 30.4% by 2020 with an estimated 965 million internet-connected TVs compared with the 12.1% expected to reach by year ending 2014. 

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