October 26, 2010

The Social Shopping TV Revolution

It's going to be the hottest trend in 2011, so what do you get when you cross Connected TV with Internet shopping? A: Interactive Social TV shopping.

With French Connection preparing to launch its suite of multi-screen interactive TV apps for Google TV, this week has also seen the launch of Debenhams very own interactive TV channel in the UK, with community features built-in to allow shoppers to purchase products with a single click.

The channel has been designed to give online shoppers an experience distinct from that offered by other fashion retailer websites. Programming will include interviews with top designers, including Ben de Lisi, Henry Holland and Matthew Williamson

It will also feature Debenhams staff giving advice and choosing their favourite products from store departments, including lingerie, menswear and accessories. There are also plans to introduce personal shoppers and celebrity stylists to give online workshops.

Like TV shows, Internet shoppers simply recommend their favourite products that are discounted to their friends.

When you combine this phenomenon with the latest retail check-in craze (Saks Fifth Avenue) together with the growth in the virtual currency market (Facebook Credits), you have a fairly compelling case, that a revolution in online retail commerce is about to explode.

Groupon, an online collective buying service, is the current leader of the new social shopping wave. Groupon subscribers (consumers) get daily deal emails. Offers come from local businesses and generally are heavily discounted.

With clients eager to enter this market, we have been closely monitoring group buying retailer Dotmaison, Daily Grommet, BazaarVoice, The OC Concept store and Volkswagen.

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