October 09, 2010

The Future of Business is Telepresence

The business of telepresence on Connected TVs will I predict, usher in the most extraordinary wave of Internet startups, the likes of which we have not seen since the dot com era.

Cisco's new global study on end user perceptions of telepresence and video conferencing has just been released. The research, announced today, polled an internationally representative sample of workers from 12 key markets and found dramatic differences between how users and nonusers of the technology perceive the various benefits.

The study provides valuable insight into how video collaboration is transforming the way people work and communicate. While not everyone has access to telepresence and video conferencing yet, it is clear that there is demand. This demand coupled with the significantly improved and diversified technology, and declining costs make a strong case for the projected market growth. It is only a matter of time before workers who don’t have access to the technology, or only have the occasional opportunity to use it, can experience the many benefits of the visually enabled workplace everyday.

Combine this technology with the cloud, apps and the Google TV platform and you have for yourself, a most compelling case for the future virtualization of business. The key takeaways of the study are as follows:

  • There are significant gaps between user and nonuser perceptions of the benefits of telepresence and video conferencing. For example, 90% of frequent users say the technologies save them at least two hours of valuable work time a week; yet only 1/3 of nonusers believed they could save any time using the technology.

  • Both users and nonusers recognize the value of video collaboration technologies, but workers who frequently use telepresence and video conferencing overwhelmingly value a wider swath of benefits that are more evident from usage – proving seeing is believing. Find out how respondents ranked the top benefits here.

  • The perception and use of telepresence and video conferencing varies widely among nations, with workers in China consistently ranking highest in terms of usage and perceived benefits.

The complete study on the benefits of business telepresence collaboration can be viewed here

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