September 01, 2010

Turning On The TV App Economy

With tens of thousands of apps ready to be unleashed via Android/GoogleTV, iTunes/AppleTV and now Samsung's TV app store, the fight is surely on. One thing's for sure, the winners in the TV app economy are going to be those who can hit critical mass first.

Right now, who gets to control the operating system of television's future is anyone's guess, the field is wide open and the battle has only just begun.

Samsung's effort to tap the creative talents of technology and entertainment companies underscores how the app store craze, sparked by Apple in the mobile-phone market, is shifting into a new phase in the living room.

Google TV is angling to become an even bigger player, based on its Android software for smart phones that will let viewers search for Web video and run Internet apps inside TV shows. Sony is Google's chief screen partner to incorporate the technology.

For now, until we hear more from its widely publicized media event tomorrow, Apple TV is favored to revamp its set-top device with TV apps.

For more information, please see our April report on Internet-to-TV Strategies for Brands.

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