September 17, 2010

Nokia brings 'touch' to your TV

The Nokia Plug and Touch, is truly a fantastic futuristic app that can turn your old TV into a touchscreen wonder.

Debuting at Nokia World 2010 last week, Plug and Touch uses the camera in a Nokia N8 smart phone as a motion sensor. It takes photos at 10 frames per second, with a built-in handset processor for tracking. If you stay in one place for a certain time – with your finger hovering for longer than 0.5 seconds, for instance, the phone works out that you’re trying to press an embedded feature on-screen. It’s also possible to scroll, and carry out all the usual functions of an apps based handset on your television.

We expect touchscreen apps and embedded touchscreen features on connected TV's to play a big role in driving connected TV ad revenues for T-commerce in all television programs, home banking, home shopping, eLearning and other retail service applications.

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