September 17, 2010

In-depth analysis: Nielsen’s new Media-Sync Platform

ABC's My Generation Sync iPad app is going to fundamentally change the way consumers interact with TV programs and advertisements.

If you read my earlier post Are Social TV check-ins the ratings future? the most powerful social opportunities for television programming will be related to specific compelling elements of individual TV shows. Whether it’s sharing comments and interacting with other viewers, or unlocking related content and additional engagement opportunities within and between social networks.

That's just what Nielsen’s new Media-Sync Platform does, allowing mobile applications to automatically detect and synchronize TV programming, the app will enhance the experience of watching “My Generation” by providing synchronized interactive content and social media functionality on the iPad with your TV screen. Now available in the Apple iTunes App Store, the app allows fans of the new ABC series to unlock content and features, as well as connect in real-time with other viewers of the program through social networks.

As a result, we expect more ad dollars to begin to shift into in-app advertising, purchasing and payments inside TV platforms.

This is great innovation coming from Nielsen's, whose heritage is built on being the authority in media measurement and audience behaviour.

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