August 16, 2010

Facebook Live: Social Video on Facebook

The new Facebook Live channel which has begun airing a series of live video interviews of special guests [such as actress America Ferrera] incorporates Facebook’s real time live feed technology, similar to CNN Live’s use of Facebook Connect, streams status updates of Facebook users in a sidebar to the right of the live video event, most notably used during President Barrack Obama’s inauguration.

Another cool Social TV feature to be incorporated into the app is the “Ask a question” feature, which will allow viewers to actually submit their questions in real-time to the moderator, or update their status and chat with each other.

Facebook Live will exist as an app that can be easily added to any Facebook page, where it has the capability of streaming live on multiple pages, simultaneously. This feature shall actually empower and allow Page Operators (that is the businesses, brands and other commercially-minded users) to draw more aficionados towards them by taking the advantage of this platform provided by Facebook.

Another major attraction of this app, as identified by Facebook, is “When “special guests” stop by Facebook, like Hollywood celebs or musicians, for example, those running celebrity, TV, movie or music-focused Facebook Pages could use the app on their own Page to the benefit of their fans.” The Facebook Live widget page, which has been hosted by, has got some great looks which suggest that different kinds of embeds shall be available, including the Player widget, the Video Library widget and the Chat widget.

In addition to Facebook itself, users are also entitled to share videos on Twitter, Google Buzz, MySpace, Delicious, Digg and via email with special sharing buttons. A shortened URL ( will also be provided. Facebook has also confirmed that the videos which have been streamed on Facebook Live, will be archived and distributed as future reference materials.

The live video channel will also be used for official Facebook announcements, press events, live chats with Facebook engineers and live streaming of its developer conference, f8.

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