August 22, 2010

Are Social TV Check-ins the Ratings Future?

The recent check-in craze has got me thinking, if all entertainment is connected [books, TV shows, movies, music and games] - are social check-ins the ratings future?

Every day, millions of consumers converse in online communities, discussion boards, blogs and social networks. They turn to the Internet to share opinions, advice and recommendations to their friends.

With broadcasters increasingly using social media to engage with audiences and create online buzz around their shows in the hope of boosting viewing figures and advertising revenue, check-ins look like playing a greater role in the success or failure of a TV pilot and or Web series. Networks not only see value in check-in data but also opportunity in check-in behavior. User profiles also make advertising and product placement in shows more addressable.

Currently the Nielsen TV/Internet Data Fusion service integrates the Nielsen National People Meter Panel with the Nielsen Online panel through the use of common data elements to provide a consumer-centric view of media usage. The service does its best to provide a median formula of audience share across three-screen viewing, but my guess is we'll start to see more use of TV check-ins not only by Nielsens, but the networks as well.

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