July 31, 2010

Social TV Start-Ups Pitch for PepsiCo10

Social TV start-ups were well represented as finalists in PepsiCo's program to identify and incubate up to 10 promising start-ups in technology, media and communications in New York last week.

Miso, a self-described “Foursquare for TV,” lets users check in to television shows and earn rewards and badges the more they do it. The company sees itself aligning with television programs and brands like PepsiCo - something Foursquare is already doing to an extent with a number of its media partnerships.

Spot411 is also looking to add social elements to TV viewing on the second screen, except it identifies what’s playing by listening to the audio of the programming, effectively checking in users on its own. Certain keywords in the programming could then trigger brand integrations.

Taking a slightly different approach to social television is i.tv, which is looking to aggregate conversations happening around shows. What makes its technology unique is the ability to pinpoint exact points within a show and align them with the relevant tweets and status updates, letting users experience the same conversations no matter what time they watch. The company sees potential tie-ins with messages from sponsors; for instance, one of Gatorade’s sponsored athletes could be part of the conversation during sporting events.

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