May 11, 2009

Australia's IPTV Race

Just as Foxtel is poised to accelerate its plans for an IPTV service following the launch of its heavily revamped website, created by digital services company Hyro, Telstra is gearing up to launch its own ambitious national IPTV service before Christmas. Telstra will be taking on Foxtel, TiVo, and any nascent IPTV plays from the broadcast sector in launching a service that will provide a combination of digital FTA, a full Personal Video Recorder, a range of BigPond content services via IP, customised web sites like YouTube and Flickr and open access to high speed web services. The carrier is said to be looking at a range of options in monetising the core products that BigPond offers via the web, whether ad supported, pay per view or subscription based. These products include BigPond Movies, TV, Music, Games, News, Sports and Photos.

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