January 28, 2008

Mobile Web 2.0 Cinema

If Google CEO Eric Schmidt's words are anything to go by in Davos last week, the Mobile Web is expected to make some serious headway this year. The Mobile Web has implications for both content producers and advertisers.

Brandsmith, a leading name in the realm of brand promotions, events & media management organised the First mobile phone cinema Festival in association with the Asian Academy of Film & Television Noida, a pioneer in media education .

Writer, producer & Hollywood Director and a Professor with Tisch school of Arts, New York Prof. Karl Bardosh was also present at this special festival to give away awards to the winners.

“What’s exciting about the rapidly improving technology is that people can generate their own content and find new ways of sharing it too. Compared to the traditional modes of visual storytelling, mobile cinema is very spontaneous and quick. We want our budding film makers to take full advantage of this exciting technology,” said AAFT Director Sandeep Marwah.

Rahul Mittra CEO Brandsmith expressed his excitement at the prospects of this new tool of mass communication. “Mobile Cinema offers a huge scope for advertising & brand promotions and we are very happy that AAFT & Brandsmith have pioneered this great concept,” said Mittra.

This festival was earlier launched by Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra, who has wowed the audiences and the critics by her performance in films like Garam masala and Traffic Signal.

“Its high time that storytelling becomes novel,’’ said Neetu.

All the winners of the first Cellphone Cinema Festival were awarded camera mobile phones.

Like many of you, I spent much of the holiday season playing with my mobile wireless device and learning all about WAP applications. To my shock horror, my data charges for January have come in a little on the steep side - so it's back to work for 2008!

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