December 10, 2007

Product Placement Trends in 2008

As media fragmentation and technology convergence continues to abound, one of the key drivers of product placement, which we've been talking about is hypervideo. Hypervideo, or hyperlinked video, is a displayed video stream that contains embedded, user clickable anchors, allowing navigation between video and other hypermedia elements. Hypervideo combines video with a non linear information structure, allowing a user to make choices based on the content of the video and the user's interests. Its impact won't just be limited to online video from your desktop. Next year, most TV sets and plasma displays will come IPTV enabled. So remember, all objects in video content will inevitably become clickable for advertising purposes. We've also mentioned the advent of dynamic digital insertion of brand products in video content.

One company which is giving hypervideo early traction through open public access is Asterpix is a new hypervideo service that lets users build their own link-infested videos, complete with visual cues that tell you when you can access the added URLs and notes.

To give content producers and brand owners a better understanding of how this technology works, check out our demo video below.

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