October 04, 2007

Dynamic Product Placement in Online Hypervideo

Dynamic product placement, the practice of digitally inserting a brand's product image into online video content (more commonly associated with dynamic in-game ad-serving technology or DIGA found in most MMOG networks) and its twin Hypervideo, the so-called "hotspotting" technology, look set to revolutionise the interactive online video advertising landscape in 2008.

Dynamic's great, because it allows you to truly automate the buying and selling of ad-inventory in video content online. Hypervideo, by clicking on the product, service or logo in content routes the end-user to his or her brand destination, ultimately towards a point of purchase online.

The results of dynamic's geo-targeting and tracking capabilities for product placement are quite simply astonishing.

We've been researching this kind of technology for a while and are really excited to be a part of its deployment in the coming new media marketplace.


P.S You can now track InShot's trajectory of product placement at Google Labs

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